The cloud provides services or computer applications online, accessible from anywhere, anytime, and any device (smartphone, desktop PC, laptop, and Tablet). To be more precise, cloud computing makes it possible to share, at a provider of offers Cloud, an infrastructure, an application solution or a platform to any user who requests it via a simple free website (also called portal) -service the best Hosting review Websites.

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Unlike a shared server, a dedicated server allows you to install any tools that are specific to your needs. For example, you could install a collaborative service to provide better communication across your business network, an IP telephony service to reduce the monthly bill, an intranet or extranet, safe backups, a VPN server ... In short, the possibilities are almost unlimited and with good administration, your company can derive several significant advantages.

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Shared hosting is by far the type of hosting most used by WordPress users. Despite its popularity, people do not necessarily understand what a shared server is. No hosting company tells the truth when they mention: "an unlimited server, easy and cheap". Before making a decision, we suggest you read this article to understand what genuine shared hosting is for WordPress. What are its advantages and disadvantages? We hope to help you make the best decision for your business!

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Web hosting real time expert reviews


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