Bluehost review 2020- A complete overview Pros & Cons

Bluehost review 2020- A complete overview Pros & Cons

Web hosting is the sole core of website development

Whenever we come to the website then the first thing in our mind is about Web Hosting. If you choose the best web hosting for your website then your website reaches the top as soon as possible. How can you choose the perfect and best web hosting for your website? So, don’t be hesitate to just read this article. Here you will find every answer to your queries and also, your knowledge of web hosting will increases as well. Here, we discuss Bluehost. Bluehost is a very genuine reputed company all over the world. Many users are taking services from Bluehost. This is the company who created all their empire itself with an amazing performance from the past 15 years. The best contribution to the WordPress eco-system is from Bluehost. Here you can get a detailed explanation and review of Bluehost that helps you in choosing the best company of web hosting.

BlueHost a well-known company in the Realm of Web Hosting

First of all, we have to know about Bluehost review. So, Bluehost is a company of web hosting that offers various types of web hosting including Shared Hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting. So, if you are new in this field then you can choose Bluehost without any doubt. Basically, if you start blogging then you have to remember these points while choosing web hosting from any company. The points are Hosting Optimized for WordPress, Price, Disk space, Easy to use, Customer support. Bluehost is very easy to install and you can install your WordPress in less than five minutes. You will also get 20000/day traffic without any downtime. You can also get a free SSL Certificate for your website. You did not need more technical knowledge to use the SSL certificate and all the service of Bluehost. So, we can say it Bluehost offers all the service newbie-friendly.

The Pros of Bluehost that make it better

Here we discuss Pros of Bluehost that make you very happy and confident to choose Bluehost.

Price is the first Pros of Bluehost

The first and most genuine part is the price. Yes, everyone wants to take the best service at a very affordable price. Bluehost shared hosting comes in 3 different packages, you can choose the better package for your website.

Bluehost speed and uptime

Bluehost offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee that is really very amazing. If we talk about is actual uptime then it is really very good and almost equals to 99.99%. The speed that Bluehost gives is 405ms that is really very fast load time.

Customer support also counts in Pros

Yes, if you are running a very genuine company and you won’t be able to give the best customer support to your users then it gives a very huge loss to your company. But, Bluehost giving very amazing customer support to users. You can contact Bluehost anytime because the support team available 24/7 for solving issues of customers.

The Cons of Bluehost is here explained

As we know that not everything is perfect in everything. So, Bluehost also some cons, and it is not a big deal because from its cons there is nothing effect on its users.

Bluehost Renewal Price

So, the first Cons of Bluehost is the price of Renewal. Yes, if you think that after your subscription over then your renewal price is also the same then it is not true. You have to pay more than you pay per month in the contract time. If you want to work with Bluehost then a 3-year subscription is the best because here you will get amazing deals and offers at a very affordable price.

Bluehost plans

Extra Tools cost Extra Money

If you want to add more tools on your web hosting then you have to pay extra. But, it is not too bad about Bluehost because you already get many tools and services in your package whatever you choose from three packages. But, we can take it in cons because of Website Migration. Yes, you will have to pay for website migration in Bluehost. This is the service that you have to pay extra.

Now, everything about Bluehost we discuss above and we think that all the information maybe help you most in choosing the best web hosting for your website. So, we wish you like this article and choose the most effective and preferable web hosting for your website with the help of this article.

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