Hidden iOS Features you Should Try

When a new mobile operating system comes, many people look for the obvious enhanced features. This post is going to look at the hidden IOS features of iOS 13 from multiple angles. We are going to look at security and enhanced privacy features like location services, 3D and haptic touch, live radio, and rob call control features. Without further delay here are the hidden features in-depth.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth selection in Control Center

The Control Center is all about convenience when you want to flip up from the bottom or swipe down from the top right corner. This feature allows you to access various settings with ease. In iOS 13, it is an enhanced super convenient user experience. You can now change your network, not just connect or disconnect from the one you’re on. Unlike iOS 12, where users switch networks on or off, and you could only go into the settings to make any other changes, in the latest version all you need to do is long-press on the network icon to access the same options on the settings. You can do this without drilling down.

No size limits on cellular downloads

Compared to iOS 12 where your app download is limited to 200MB, iOS 13 doesn’t have any download limits. What it will do is give you an alert that you’re about to download an item that is over 200MB so that you can go on and download using your cellular network or wait for a Wi-Fi connection.

Low data mode

The new iOS version has a new Low Data Mode feature available for both Wi-Fi and cellular networks that are used to reduce network use by apps on your device. This thoughtful feature is used to conserve power for limited data plans. To access feature, go to your iPhone or iPad launch Settings>>Wi-Fi settings. Next, tap on the info button next to your connected network’s name and then on Low Data Mode. You can simply switch off the toggle to turn off low data mode. Low data mode for your cellular plan can also be enabled through Settings >> Cellular >> Cellular Options >> Low Data Mode.

Optimized Battery Charging

One mistake that many people make when charging their smartphones is leaving them on the night table overnight which reduces the batteries life span. iOS 13 has an Optimized Battery Charging feature that uses machine learning to understand the overall usage patterns, alarms, and calendar events. This allows you to identify the best to charge your device fully. once enabled, just plug in your device as you go to sleep. The device will charge up to 80% and maintain that level for a while. It will later resume normal charging as you are about to wake up. This gives your iOS device battery a long life. You can access this service under setting and select Battery. Go to Battery Health and on the next page, toggle on the switch to green next to Optimized Battery Charging.

Capture and save a full Safari page

The new operating system offers an intuitive way for capturing and saving whole page PDFs on the native Safari app. This is done by taking a screenshot and then taps on it as its thumbnail displays in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. Two tabs are available: Screen and Full Page. Go ahead and tap on the full page and drag the slider for the whole screenshot to display. The markup tools for annotating will also display on the screen. To annotate the screen with text, signature, magnifier, opacity, and shapes, tap on the plus icon. You can edit using the Undo and Redo controls. Tap Save and choose from a variety of ways to share or save the file.


These are among the few best IOS features that you will get on the new iOS 13 for a better user experience. There are a few others but I will leave that to you to explore to see what they offer. The beauty of a new version is to discover all the hidden features by yourself so go ahead and see what they can do.

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