HostGator Vs Bluehost – Finding The Best For You

HostGator vs Bluehost


When it comes to hosting people often can’t choose between Hostgator vs Bluehost. Both are the most popular names in the web hosting business. 

Both offer you some outstanding service. But there is only one king in the forest. Let’s find out who should you choose HostGator Or BlueHost and why? 

We are going to discuss their key features, quality, special features, prices, and plans, and one is better than the other. 

So, get ready it is the moment you’ll have been waiting for. The battle between HostGator vs Bluehost. 

Why you need Web Hosting? 

In most simple words, web hosting helps your website to run online. Without getting hosting your website will not shop on the internet. It gives your website easy access to the internet. 

Your website has a lot of files. And hosting provides a space on their server for storing all the files of your website. 

Therefore, you need a reliable Host who will secure and provide you the best service. Your website’s performance is in the hand of the host you choose. So, get hosting wisely. 

What HostGator brings to the Table?

HostGator is a very popular name in the web hosting field. It is one of the finest and affordable at the same time. If your website brings high traffic and you need a faster speed then it is the right choice for you. Let’s see the key features that Hostgator brings to the table. 

Key Features and Qualities


Hostgator is one of the best in the market when it comes to speed. It provides fantastic speed for your website. And it is known for better speed for WordPress sites. 


HostGator gives a 99.9% uptime guarantee. This guarantee is part of their service. So, they just don’t say it but they also deliver it. 


It is officially recommended by WordPress but not HostGator offers One-Click Installation for WordPress. It also gives a free SSL certificate for security.

Hosting Plans

It provides various types of hostings also. For example, shared hosting, WordPress hosting, Cloud Hosting, and VPS hosting. All plans have different features and pricing. Here you can see in the picture-

Customer Support

It gives 24/7 customer support through chat, phone, and email. It is known for the best technical support and you get responses and replies fast.

Besides, Hostgator gives users a free domain name, free site transfer/migration, backups, etc. And also 45 days money-back guarantee

HostGator or BlueHost

What Bluehost Brings to the Table?

Key Features and Qualities


It provides hosting with SSDs. It offers Content Delivery Network by Cloudflare. This all makes its speed super fast. This is helpful when you have a website that brings high traffic. 


The uptime is around 99.98%. This very impressive when it comes to hosting. They have various quad processor servers, a very effective power supply, and multiple internet connections. All this improves Bluehost’s uptime.  


It is recommended by It also gives you a one-click WordPress installation. In addition, offers a free SSL certificate, WordPress custom designed C-panel, and Cloud Flare CDN for free. 

Hosting Plans

It provides mainly three types of hosting. The shared hosting, VPS hosting, and Dedicated Hosting. Prices of all three are different. 

Customer Support

They also provide very effective 24/7 customer support. They help you fix your problems through phone, chat, and emails. 

Bluehost Vs Hostgator – Which One to Choose? 

As we saw the main features of both of these web hosting, this is a tough decision to make. Bluehost or Hostgator? Both are very popular and provide the best hosting services in the market. 

Some people like Hostgator and some Bluehost. But the truth is you can’t say that there’s a clear winner. Because there is none. 

Some qualities and features that Bluehost gives, Hostgator doesn’t and vice-versa. It is all about which one better suits your website and business the best. 

In some areas, Bluehost is better and in some areas HostGator. For beginners, HostGator is considered the best. 

However, when it comes to a WordPress website BlueHost strikes back and wins the battle. 

They both provide lightning speed and amazing uptime. In this case, It’s a draw.

Both provide the best security but Bluehost gets an edge in it. So, another point for BlueHost.

Final Thoughts – ( HostGator VS Bluehost )

Overall, it’s a very close battle. There’s no loser because both are at the top of their game. Hostgator vs Bluehost is a Draw. The reason for this is that it’s all about adaptability and what suits.

For some it’s meat but for some, it could be poison. What I mean is that we have personal likes also. And that doesn’t mean the one we’re using is the best and the ones we’re not using is not good. 

So, we have discussed all the key features, qualities, speed, uptime, customer support, etc of both of these. Now it’s up to you and the kind of website you have and your budget to get the best web hosting in 2020. 

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