Lunarpages Web Hosting Review 2020: Overview, Pricing and Features

Today we talking about one of the oldest web hosting companies named Lunarpages. It offers a very wide range of plans that preferable for both personal use and business use. Lunarpages was first introduced in 1998. The company starts at that time when many hosting companies are started with it but nobody will stand as long as Lunarpages stand and provide genuine services till now. It is regularly maintained and keep its infrastructure ad hosting packages up to date and competitive with all hosting companies. Lunarpages has done a very brilliant job and they boast many big names businesses like Sony, CBS, and Nissan. Their data centers are located in the United States in California, Nevada, and Arizona. Also, if you are planning to use Content Delivery Network (CDN) then Lunarpages maybe not a good choice for you. Today we are going to discuss Lunarpages web hosting review with complete features and pricing.

Types of Web Hosting Providing by LunarPages

If you go with Lunarpages then you will get multiple types of Shared Hosting with their own package, Cloud VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting. Here we explain all the types of hosting with features that provide by LunerPages.

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting comes with 3 packages that are listed below. Personal Hosting, Business Hosting, and Windows Hosting. Personal Hosting is the cheapest level of hosting on LunarPages and you also called it Linux hosting. If you go with Personal hosting then you will get 2 plans of Linux Hosting or Personal Hosting. First is Starter Linux hosting and the other is Basic Linux Hosting. Both plans have come with a similar cost. So, if you choose basic then you will get all the features that need to start a website at a very cheap rate. The second package of Shared Hosting is Business Hosting that offers you 3 plans: Premium, Advantage, and Enterprise. All the plans are similar except for the amount of storage and bandwidth. Also, the Business Hosting of Lunerpages is much expensive than other hosting company’s shared hosting.

Cloud VPS Hosting

After shared hosting, the next level is VPS Hosting. It is a little expensive for an entry-level VPS offer as compared to competitors. Only one plan is offered at base rate after that if you increase resources then it costs more. If you choose LunarPanel that it is free but if you choose cPanel and Plesk Onyx then you have to pay an additional amount for both. You will get a free domain name but only if you pay the amount of 1 year. You can increase or decrease RAM, CPU Cores, Disk space, and Bandwidth at any time. Another service of Lunarpage is you are not able to add an SSL Certificate to sites on your VPS because this is only available on certain shared hosting and dedicated hosting plans. So, if you choose VPS hosting with Lunarpages then it is not a good choice because you can get many services with other hosting providers.

Dedicated Hosting

Lunarpages offers dedicated hosting plans for both Linux and Windows. The Windows version is Windows Standard 2016, which is a more updated version than the version available for VPS hosting. There are three plans are available and all the features are the same except price, CPU, and RAM. The plan names are Single Quad-Core, Single Octa-Core, and Dual Octa Core. Here some points that are important about this plan.

  • There is a $99 setup fee if you cancel within the first 30 days.
  • They come with 2 IP addresses
  • All have SSD storage
  • All have IOTB of bandwidth

If you want additional IP addresses, SSL Certificate, more bandwidth, and cPanel then you have to pay more for those services in dedicated hosting. But, some of those services are important that you have to pay to manage your website.

Customer Service provide by LunarPages

Customer support is a very important service for newbie because the support team will help them for creating and understanding all the tricks and tactics. If you think that LunerPage is providing very genuine customer support then it is giving 24/7 availability of email support only. You can contact it with live chat, phone call, and email. If you contact its support team via email then it doesn’t mean you will receive an instant email or solution for your problem. But you can get a support wiki that contains over 500 guides that help you in the time of your problem.

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